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Atomic Eyes

by The Rain Within

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Saw you in Boston recently. You put on a very good show. Thrilled to find you on Bandcamp! Thank you for chasing your dream and sharing your talents with us. Favorite track: Like The Devil.
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sonicbhoc This album is extremely poignant and emotional. I felt real empathy with the main character of each song's story, whom I can only assume is the artist himself based on how extremely personal the lyrics are (in which case, my heart goes out to you, bud).

I loved every track, but Dividing Line and Rain stuck out to me the most. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made on this site. Favorite track: Rain.
Rey Calderon
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Rey Calderon There is a popular belief that the greatest art in the world is derived from a place of great sadness and pain. Atomic Eyes verifies this belief. Andy Deane has channeled all his pain, grief, and uncertainty and created beautiful, retro soundscapes and dark, danceable melodies. His voice captures all the feelings of experiences and compliments the music to perfection.

Atomic Eyes is a masterpiece. My favorite track is Rain. Listening to Rain is like watching a brilliant Phoenix rise from the ashes. I have enjoyed everything from The Rain Within but this is greatest work from TRW to date. Favorite track: Rain.
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released February 14, 2018


all rights reserved



The Rain Within Charlottesville, Virginia

Synthpop with a neon pulse.


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Track Name: Like The Devil
Don't let go
My last thought before I fell
Thought that you would always
Be right here with me
Thought that we would always
Weather the storm

Dreamless sleep
The quiet dark is all I need
Thought that you would reach out and rescue me
Thought that you were someone who cared

Are you awake?
Is my memory in the grave?

There is no forever
Every tie is severed
And she's still standing there
Smiling like the devil
Track Name: Dividing Line
Running through fire
Hoping to save my life
Holding the weight of years
Forced to the earth
Darker red skies go white when the lightning strikes
And your truth is seen, but just fades away

Voices won't die
Loud static and screens gone white
And the city lights burn into dawn
One left behind, the victim of quiet crimes
Watching the world pass by to crash into the sun

Choose your side
Blood will be drawn before we sleep tonight
No one will survive this dividing line
Track Name: Realign
Wake to the day not knowing
My life has been erased
Pull one more string and I'll come undone
Faster than I've been replaced

Memories fade inside me
All of your lies decay
Your heart will come to know regret
In the passing of the day

Lost all that was mine
Hope the stars will realign
And guide me to a better life
Track Name: Fear, Lies, And Love
Doesn't feel like home
Nothing left in here to call my own
And I'll forget your name and who you are
Nothing but the pain remains inside this heart

Nothing ever mattered then
Nothing but us
Found comfort in a dim lit room
Found peace in the dark
But you were nothing more
than words in the dust

Fear, lies, and love
Everything down below is now up above
Fear, lies, and love
Everything from below is destroying us
Track Name: Atomic Eyes
Drive into the storm, into the fire
Into the neon lights
Drive over miles, reckless and wild
Away from the black and white
Oh, to see the skies through atomic eyes
Leave the ashes far behind this life

Drive, one foot on the floor
One fist on the wheel
A comet against the dark
Drive, over miles, reckless and wild
A beast with an appetite
Oh, to see the skies through atomic eyes
Leave the ashes far behind this life

Brighter than light
Leave shadows behind
And speed through the quiet night
Headlights shine the way
Just looking for peace
And hoping for paradise
Track Name: Nothing Here, Nothing There
Feel the hours fall away
Watch each moment passing by
Holding tightly to the lost and gone
Finding solace in the night
Every heartbeat hits the floor
Every breath summons the storm
All we have is here today in the brightest grey

Stay until dark takes the day
Until these dreams slip away
And all we are is dust lost in a sea of what was
A sparkle in dead eyes, watching empty skies
Souls without hope or despair
Nothing here, nothing there
Track Name: Home
Night must fall to see the day
Night has come to me again
All the hours lost in that darkest room
Thought I had more time

Wish I'd found the words to say
To comfort hearts that go astray
All the hours that held so dear
Are slowly slipping away

If home is in the heart
This house is shattered
I'm alone with a thousand moments
That didn't matter
Track Name: Rain
I get lost in me
This sea of self where prying eyes can't see
A solitary heart beats against this loss
Electric veins and luminescent blood
Shining through the skin

I get hurt sometimes
A quiet ache that leaves me paralyzed
Wanting only sleep
But the seas will rise
To lift this darkness from the midnight sky
And bathe in blinding light

Bring on the rain
This too shall pass and fade away
Bring on the rain
Find shelter here within the pain
Track Name: While I Am Here
Run to the light, run to the light
Does it ever end?
This circle of breaks and bends
And will you be with me when
The music ends, when silence wins
When the words descend
And there's nothing left to pretend
Will you be with me then?

Run to my side, run to my side
If your night won't end
And the darkness keeps flooding in
And I will be with you then

When our names are carved into a stone
When we sleep with roses left to show they care
I don't mind if this world forgets me when I'm gone
Just as long as I have your love while I am here
Track Name: Midnight
One, I never thought that you would run away
Into the night
Like static falling from the sky so bright
Dark patterns shine
The shapes of what we left behind to die
Follow the lines until they merge and we will find

Once again I've sunk into deep waters
Desperate for land
Once again I'm choking on your venom
Poisoned from within
Track Name: Small Precious Lights
Hear me
From years ago
A voice lost in the falling snow
Promises whispered soft from fearful lips
Drowning in loss

See me
A fractured heart
A child lost in the fading light
Wanders on, blindly steps
Into the dark with dreams of the sun

Such silent nights carry me there
Over walls not meant to climb
And in my darkest times
You would always shine like lights
Small precious lights
Track Name: Violet Glow
Clearer skies seem so far away
Until I stop and turn around
I see your face behind the foggy glass
But the doors are rusted shut
If I close my eyes just tight enough
I am there
In that gentle violet glow
If I close my eyes just tight enough
You are there

In the ocean looking at the shore
Hoping for a guiding light
Lost in pain but all the love was true
Drowned in the blue, drowned in the blue

In the ashes of the truth
I'd do it all again for you
At the dawning of the day
I'd wash it all away and start anew

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