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Dark Drive

by The Rain Within

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Mr Black & White
Mr Black & White thumbnail
Mr Black & White Hello I saw you last night a Jannus Live and my family and I loved your music. I bought the 2 CDs Atomic Eyes and Thunderheart. I then bought murder and dark drive digitally. I know I didn't buy the Atomic Eyes on Bandcamp but is there a way to give me the album for free (since I purchased it once already)? Or do I need to repurchase the Album?
Dianna Slater
Dianna Slater thumbnail
Dianna Slater The pop hooks and melancholy undertones of the debut album, “Dark Drive,” by The Rain Within (Andy Dean) is a fascinating exploration of modular vocals, dark wave, synth wave, synth pop, and upbeat catchy pop resonant of the iconic 80s. Well worth a listen. “Dark Drive,” by The Rain Within will leave you wanting more.

Definitely an Artist to Watch!
the tom
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the tom Wow! ... I can't choose one favorite track..
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If you should cry, cry on my shoulder, dear If you must sleep lie with me Morning will come, the dawn of another day Lifetimes will pass in your dreams Wide awake Staring far off into outer space Hold me now before I drift away Into that darkness, love I'm yours today, you're mine today If you have doubts drown them beneath your tears Silence your cries, step into the sun Morning will come, the dawn of another day And you are my one in every way
Murder 04:01 video
Blood on the walls, blood in your hair Deep red footprints everywhere Swept in like a storm of knives and claimed our lives The dust will settle, the dead shall rise It's a crime When will they come? What will they find? Souls lost in time With how we lived, and how we died Silent this house where stillness resides Signs of a struggle, signs of our lives Held on til it bled me dry and claimed my life Nothing left here, nothing alive Murder me, put me into the ground Murder me, lay me down, lay me down...
Dark Drive 03:24
We drive into the night Toward a dark unknown Headlights, though bright they shine I cannot find the road Strange ties and bloodshot eyes Just let it flow, just let it flow That's just the way that it goes That's the way it goes Drive all night, don't ever quit Find the edge of the world And crash into it No place to be, no destiny Nothing but dark roads ahead of me Long drive, nowhere to go We can't outrun the cold So turn up the radio And let the world unfold Strange times to lose our minds Just let it flow, just let it flow That's just the way that it goes That's the way it goes You weren't there for me
Exile 03:25
And I have been let go Released and exiled Beneath a stranger sky No one to know They never cared They never cared at all When every pixel has decayed We're left with memories Until nothing else remains But electricity They are not what they seem Lies through false smiles But now I truly see Their hollow insides
Soul In Me 04:04
Your shadow's in control A darkened room behind you pulls you back There is no key for this door More lost than found You stumble to the floor Please let these eyes search your heart And find the light gone dark Repair what's come apart Just search my heart with your eyes Find a spark inside And never say goodbye Take shelter from the rain Remove yourself from this enduring pain Wrap your soul in me And watch storm-clouds crash into the sea
Innocent 04:25
Dim silver light raining from her eyes Casting shadows darker than this lullaby Here, angels sing Angels dream of a time when we were innocent Doubt carved a tiny hole inside my spine Just wide enough to drown this hope of mine I will ever sing and I will dream Of a time when we were innocent Realize that this is just a drop of time In the oceans of eternity No time for tears Dry your eyes and hold me near And step into uncertainty Something lost and nothing found I moved the earth to build this killing ground I hope you sing and that you dream Of a time when we were innocent
Trust 04:20
Love, let us find a way Make black and white from grey See through the blinding haze Love, in the neon glow Step inside my soul Let the darkness go And I can admit when I've been wrong I know I have But I am searching for a truth That's meant to last Trust, find us in distress Like orphans seeking shelter The weary seeking rest Love, no more promises And not one shrouded word Let your fears be heard
Close your eyes if you're tired Let the silence settle in Nothing can hurt you in your dreams tonight You're safe from the rain, safe from the wind Feels as though we've lived a lifetime Feels we've many more to go For we are one White light shining through the black of night I'll be here when you wake Tomorrow comes with the rising of the sun There's no need to be afraid And the years will pass by Moments stamped upon our hearts The moon is rising through a clouded sky May it never tear us apart
From a distance find the shore Knowing I will see no more They can't know what's in your heart That lonely concrete room Where there's only space for one Far, far away Let the darkness decay When it all falls down put your feet onto the ground You're so far, far away The broken parts I could not fix Shards of pain in bags of tricks But they only see the skin A smile that swallows rain You drink the sky to hide your shame
Eclipse 04:15
Don't ever say That you were something bright, something better Don't ever say that your light was always on I know who you are You remove the stars leaving empty darkness Like we weren't there Only shadows still remain Eclipsed by the stars Darkness cast upon our hearts Don't ever say That you were the only one who ever hurt Don't ever say that you wanted me to try I know who you are I see through the skin to the hollow inside


released September 23, 2016


all rights reserved



The Rain Within Charlottesville, Virginia

Dark Pop with a neon pulse.

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